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    Welcome Everyone: HFTP is pleased to bring you a new and improved community social “networking” system that is included in your HFTP membership. Please take advantage of it. As always, thanks for your support and membership of HFTP. Warm...

  • California is seeing significant increases to D&O insurance. Even for those with a long history of no claims and use of the same insurer. ------------------------------ D. Aaron Jones Controller, CPA The Peninsula Golf & Country Club San Mateo...

  • Good Morning Esther. Similar to your line of thought, we have incorporated a Net ADR in our standard reports to show our sales people the real ADR of the OTA's. I like your idea of using a contra-revenue account as it lower those expenses that are...

  • Those who know me are familiar with my persistence in turning over every stone. With a strong sales background, my Revenue Management hat comes on again and off again for my Financial Controller role. When it comes to commissions versus contra revenues...



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