• Protect Yourself Against Phishing

    We appreciate your involvement in Community@HFTP, HFTP's online communities. We also work hard to ensure that all of the content you receive from our community is valuable, engaging and safe. In the online world, it is best to stay vigilant and protect yourself against any potential phishing schemes targeting internet users. 

    If you see a suspicious post on our community or in your email inbox, be sure to avoid clicking links or downloading attachments, which could be disguised malware that can infect your computer.  

    Some tips to help you identify a suspicious post or email:
    - It is unsolicited.
    - The sender’s email address does not seem valid (always check the domain for clues).
    - They are asking for your personal information.
    - There are typos.
    - It contains no information other than a suspicious-looking link or download request.

    If you see a post that contains red flags like these, be sure to “Mark as Inappropriate.” This option is located in the drop-down menu next to the REPLY TO DISCUSSION button to the right of each post. We will review and remove if necessary.

    We also invite you to learn more about our online Code of Conduct. Thank you for your vigilance!​​​